Steve Brock

Wm ‘Ron’ Burns

Born in Montgomery Alabama in 1948, Steve spent his early years traveling South America and the orient with his military family. Steve’s father, Russell Keith Brock was a decorated 3-war vet officer. Steve’s family returned to Waco, Texas from Japan after his dad retired from the US Air Force in 1964. Steve played football, basketball, track, and baseball at Richfield high school. Then he attended North Texas State University from 1966-1970 where he majored in Radio/Television production. After a short, but successful modeling and acting career, he moved to Arizona to join the family car business (Linda Brock) in Scottsdale. Steve was first licensed in Arizona real estate in 1971. Working both the car business and real estate for several years in the Scottsdale area, which was where he met Ron Burns and his family. He then moved to the Tucson area, and after several years in the real estate business, Steve started Desert Shades Sunglasses and opened the first cart in El Con Mall and proceeded to open up an additional 13 locations throughout Arizona from Sierra Vista, Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff. Steve married his partner, Dori Charles-Brock in 1992. They relocated to Casa Grande in 1996, where they still reside. Steve and Dori sold their cart and store locations in 2006 and Steve renewed his real estate license with Realty Executives and now presently works with Elite Real Estate Pros. Steve and Dori own BrockHouse Ent. LLC and he is a licensed Arizona Contractor. Steve loves his golf, swimming, morning workouts, and cooking.  He got involved with drones and now does photography with them, alongside photography from the ground.  This has become a new learning adventure, and one he thoroughly enjoys.

Born just outside Birmingham, Alabama, I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. My interests have always been cars and photography. I remember taking the family Kodak to school in the 4th grade to take a photo of my girlfriend. That was the first time I can remember having someone pose in front of my camera. I would like to tell you the results were good, but actually I was disappointed, the photo just didn’t do her justice. An early lesson that it takes more than just aiming the camera and pushing the button. After a tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps, I settled in Scottsdale in the late 60’s. After selling cars for a couple of years, I found more comfort in the service department and stuck with it until 1980 when I went into business for myself in the auto body repair business. Steve and I purchased a race car in 1970 and shared the driving duties that year. Steve was smart enough to give up racing but I stuck it out. The highlight of my racing career was being invited to race in the 1998 Coco Cola 500 NASCAR Cup race in Japan. After 4 races in the 99 season I agreed to call it quits. I retired from the auto body repair business at the end of 2000. With time on my hands I decided it was time to hone my photography skills. I attended Chandler Gilbert Community College, then Arizona State University, studying all forms of photography and Photoshop. It became a profession in 2004. I’ve always tried to learn from the best, so for real estate and architectural, I learned from Scott Hargis and Michael P Kelly. On the people side of things I studied with Peter Hurley in New York and San Francisco. I’m a Matterport Service Partner, Zillow Certified Photographer, a member of the Headshot Crew, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and Kelby One. I thoroughly enjoy my craft and look forward to shooting everyday.